We are looking for individuals with a careful eye for detail, a passion for uplifting and reliving unknown experiences through immersion in visual or literary art, and a deep appreciation and faith in the power of interdisciplinary art. You can browse our past issues here to see what kind of work we’re looking to highlight.

Candidates can be geographically situated anywhere in the world, as communication occurs digitally, and must be above the age of 16. We may consider an exceptionally mature and insightful student who is younger than 16. Please keep in mind that staff members cannot contribute to the journal; however, past contributors are eligible to apply for a staff position.

We will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis. Please see specific guidelines and details below. 

At this time, we are unable to pay our staff members. All positions are volunteer-based.

We are currently accepting applications for art readerprose reader, poetry reader, and outreach director.


Readers are responsible for evaluating submissions and offering feedback and reasons for their decision.
The outreach director is responsible for publicity across social media, promotion of new opportunities, projects, and issues, and solicitations of applications for any issues or projects which require participants.


• Please email all applications to, indicating in the subject line your name and which position you are applying for. 
• In the body of the email, please attach a cover letter, which should include your name, which academic institution(s) you have attended/are attending, and which state (if in the United States) or country (if international) you are from. If applicable, please list the email and phone number of no more than 4 work references.
• You may include a resume and a brief biography with any honors or experience you might have in this area.
• Please attach a sample of up to 6 art pieces for art reader applications, up to 2 prose pieces for prose reader applications, or up to 6 poems for poetry reader applications. 

We will review your application and determine whether or not to invite you back for the second stage of the application process, in which you will be asked to perform a sample task — such as evaluating a sample submission — based off of the position you applied for. Based on your response to the second stage, we will make a final decision on whether or not you are a fit for the COUNTERCLOCK team.

We look forward to hearing from you!